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Ben and Luke Set up The Hasluck Co back in 2019. A lot of people ask us, what is Hasluck or what does The Hasluck Co stand for? its quite simple really, “Hasluck” (Has - luck) is our family name and we wanted to incorporate this into our brand because family is one of the most important elements in our lives. When people wear our clothes we want them to feel part of the family as well. The “Co” in our name stands for collaboration this was  important to us because we don’t just want to print T-shirts we want to join together with artists, photographers, stylist and influencers to create the perfect blend of contemporary clothing.

We get our inspiration from the beach. We both grew up near the coast and always loved spending sunny/rainy days there together, with family and friends. We would always end up down the beach in the summer after long days at work to just take in the beautiful surroundings of where we live. Dorset has been our home for a while now…….

The Hasluck Collaborative creates, contemporary style pieces that have a strong ethical standpoint. We use organic cotton and our tees are created using sustainable wind/solar power so have no carbon footprint. We print with water based inks that are not harmful to the environment and all of our products are printed in a small local print shop that holds the same values as our brand.

Our ultimate vision is to grow a brand that creates stylish sustainable clothing for everyone to wear.

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